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Friday, March 28, 2008

Paid per impression

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Newest additions from SAS partners!

This is the first round of SAS partnerships. As always, sign up for one...You see what I make, and none of them cost you anything....If you want a link to promote a service, after you use it...Just drop me an email, and you can make money the same way...I'll show you how to do it, too!
Email me at :

SquareAuction is a unique online auction. In SquareAuction, last most frequently repeated bid wins. See how it works here. Affiliates are paid PER REGISTRATION. We are willing pay out $0.25 per registration. Not necessary to confirm email.
Registration process is designed to be the 2nd click on the site. Users cannot participate in auctions unless they register. Registration is a 6-field form (first name, last name, username, password, email, security question) - no activation required. Learn more at

Free Bargains newsletter. 0.30 per lead. MUST confirm email. Site must be in english.

Join the 3000 Free Goodies affiliate program and get paid for our free goodies newsletter! MUST confirm email.

If you've got some time on your hands, A Fun Zone is sure to entertain! Join our Daily Brain Teaser By e-mail Club Newsletter. It's free and we are home to over 1000 Brain Teasers and 395 free to play games. Only an e-mail address is needed so it's an easy sign up process. Please note...All sites are auto approved at $0.05 per lead. If you are a non-incentive site based in a English speaking country you will be paid 5¢ per lead. MUST confirm email address. All others will only be paid $0.025 per lead. That includes all incentive and Non-english sites. $0.025 for each new registration.... no email confirm necessary.

Make money ($0.075) for valid email signups to win a free beauty prize, new prize every month. NOT necessary to confirm email. This contest is for U.S.A. residents and sites ONLY. Not necessary to confirm email.

Make money by joining the Affiliate Program. Become an affiliate with the best coupon site on the web. We offer free coupons from hundreds of your favorite stores such as, Casual Corner, Office Depot, PETsMART, and more. We also offer grocery coupons. Members get their own CouponButler to notify them of new coupons that they are interested in and can create their own shopping list. Best of all it's free to become a member. Our average sign up rate is over 25%. pays you for every new member that signs up. Unlike other programs that require your visitors to make a purchase, is free to join. Since almost everyone likes to save money, it's an easy sell to your visitors.
7.5 cents per signup. Not necessary to confirm email,

ETS is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and home tanning beds. All ETS Home Tanning Beds are made in the USA. Join the ETS affiliate program and get $0.125 per lead that registers on our website. Not necessary to confirm email. connects people that need things shipped, Cars, Boats, Relocations, Freight, Horses, etc... with qualified Haulers. Shippers post RFQ's on our site, and recieve multiple bids for the job, so they can get the best price and service. Earn $0.25 for each RFQ that is submitted to our site. Become a Load Broker! Not necessary to confirm email.

Tell A Friend
I make 2.5¢ every time a visitor tells a friend about any page on my sites! No email confirmation necessary. The tell-a-friend form will automatically detect the page the user wants to refer to their friends so the code can be placed on any page of your site without modification. There are also no restrictions on which domains you place the code. Feel free to use it on any or all of your sites. Note: the tell-a-friend code is also compatible with sites using framed pages. So to make money with this button, put it EVERYWHERE!!

Get your visitors to enter our monthly contest giving away beauty products. Not necessary to confirm email.

Give your visitors a chance to win a free t-shirt or mousepad every week. We offer 7.5 cents per valid email address which is the only field required on our signup page. No email confirmation necessary. This contest is for U.S. & Canada residents only.

Nature Hills Nursery is a gardening nursery that offers an extensive selection of live plants, seeds, bulbs & gardening accessory products. Our most popular products include trees, shrubs, fruit trees, perennials, & bulbs. Our affiliate program is a perfect fit for any gardening or outdoors related site.
5¢ per each free Plant Catalog request completed. No email confirmation required.

Enter to a Full Size Bottle Of Name Brand Perfume!

NO STEPS Involved - USA Entries ONLY

Run this program and give your visitors a chance to win a Free Full Size, Brand Name Bottle of Perfume. This contest is for U.S. and Canada Only. 2.5 cents...No email confirmation required.


As a forex affiliate I receive a Lead Commission of $1.25 for every referral
that signs up for an Online Presentation (Webinar).

Once the visitor is at this site, they do very well at converting them into a valid lead (including giving them a $50 sign-up bonus), which earns me more cash! Thay have a very simple registration process. All a user has to do is sign-up and confirm their email address and I to earn $0.025.

Realty Baron is a unique lead generation service for the residential real estate industry in the United States. We match property owners with agents using an auction format. Our affiliate program will pay $2.50 per lead. A lead is considered a homeowner who signs-up and initiates a listing auction on our site.

Join our affiliate program be paid for leads to our Free Coupons, Samples and Bargains Newsletter subscriber you get for us, just takes a valid email address to subscribe. 35 cents each.

HIGHEST PAYING MORTGAGE PROGRAM ON SHAREASALE.COM WE LIKE EMAIL TRAFFIC! 5 inputs and 3 drop downs. The easiest mortgage form ever! MAIL like a madman - we are on a protected network

Win $0.30 per lead, it's free !! It's quick and easy and visitors of your web site will be more than happy to ask for their free personal horoscope.

Through SelfImprovementNewsletters I make $0.25 for every subscriber that signs up for any Free Newsletter through your website or newsletter. A subscriber is a person that fills out the form with a valid e-mail address and agrees to receive at least one Free Newsletter.

We are currently paying webmasters 7.5¢ per easy lead/email sign up for our newsletters in our affiliate program. If you prove to drive quality traffic and leads to our site, we will consider increasing your commission level.

We are currently paying webmasters 7.5¢ per easy lead/email sign up for our newsletters in our affiliate program. If you prove to drive quality traffic and leads to our site, we will consider increasing your commission level.

We are currently paying webmasters 7.5¢ per easy lead/email sign up for our newsletters in our affiliate program. If you prove to drive quality traffic and leads to our site, we will consider increasing your commission level.

FREE Pregnancy Calculator!
We are currently paying webmasters 7.5¢ per easy lead/email sign up for our newsletters in our affiliate program. If you prove to drive quality traffic and leads to our site, we will consider increasing your commission level.

Win Swanky Stuff!
We are currently paying webmasters 7.5¢ per easy lead/email sign up for our newsletters in our affiliate program. If you prove to drive quality traffic and leads to our site, we will consider increasing your commission level.

Win a $500 Wired Plastic™ Prepaid Visa® Card from
We are currently paying webmasters 7.5¢ per easy lead/email sign up for our newsletters in our affiliate program. If you prove to drive quality traffic and leads to our site, we will consider increasing your commission level., a leading shopping portal, is offering affiliates 50 cents for every visitor they refer that signs up for our Coupon Courier automated coupon delivery service. With over 1000 online stores to choose from we believe our service is the best coupon delivery service on the Internet today. Sign up today and see just how easy it is to start making money promoting this free service. $0.25 per lead.

SniperAgent automatically bids on eBay auctions in the last second. Try it now on! You can switch off your machine, and SniperAgent will do the work. Win more eBay auctions at cheaper prices! Get $0.50 for any new sign up!

Search for Casino
Search for Loan
Search for Viagra
Search for Credit cards
Search for Debt consolidation
Search for Web Hosting
A tool bar for your site that pays you $0.005 (1/2 a penny) everytime someone uses it!!!

If someone I lead to our site signs up for the online newsletter, they offer a $.05 lead commission.

Earn $5 per lead for our nationally-accredited yoga teacher-training school at one of the the top yoga center/chains in the New York and Salt Lake City, Utah area. While our schools are local, people travel from all over the world to participate in this program, because of our international reputation for excellence. Previous students have come from Japan, Poland, Hungary, UK and all over the U.S., so this offer truly has wide appeal.

StudentLoan Advisors....College costs continue to rise. I make 1.00 per lead I send to them.

Subjex Corporation ( offers Forecast Market Software an amazing FREE daily forecast system that gives traders a 70 to 80 percent accurate forecast on the next day direction of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq 100. Promote this powerfull system and we will pay you 33.5 cents everytime someone signs up for this FREE daily publication. Every trader needs and wants this email publication and because it is valuble market insight and it is free. You WILL make money on this one. Think VOLUME here folks! Everyone who is at all trading or interested in the markets and sees our offer signs up for it.

QuickRewards connects your visitors to sites that give away free samples. You will be paid $0.20 once your visitor enters their email on first page

Earn $0.50 Per Lead! Sweepstakes Advantage is a web directory of sweepstakes with Free Registration and Free Tools. We offer visitors a chance at winning thousands of sweepstakes on the internet!

The Brands Club is one of North America's fastest growing savings clubs. We provide incredible savings and rebates of up to 50 percent off on the lifestyle choices/items people buy and use everyday including dining, jewelry, electronics, clothing, health & beauty, toys, games and much more. Earn $0.50 per lead!

When a lead hits submit after evaluating their iPod you earn your $1.00 commission! Sell Ipods on Ebay...VERY HOT...and make a KILLING...I do.

Let your users know about one of the most unique and addicting pet sites on the internet! Our users breed, feed, and show a small kennel of virtual dogs while competing with thousands of other users for Best in Show. Sounds strange? Try it yourself and see how addicting ShowDog.Com really is. ShowDog.Com has been described over and over again as the most addicting pet related site on the net. Program pays $0.025 on all new free confirmed accounts.

Totally free conference calls. Pays 25 cents per lead.

Tours Gone Wild is the ONLY tour operator that offers travelers VIP Access into Brazil's hottest clubs. Our packages include Round-trip airfare, Hotel accommodations, VIP Party Service, City Tour, Transfers, and 24 Hour On-location staff. We are offering affiliates $.20 per quality lead. A quality lead consists of someone filling out one of our many contact request forms and including his/her name, telephone number, and email.

Affiliates are rewarded $1.00 for every sign-up and since we offer a 1 week free trial, the conversion is very nice.

Through GichoMoney you can drive traffic to and receive $0.50 for every visitor that installs our free Newsbar. is a global online dating community. Focusing on Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and English speaking members looking for friends, pen pals and singles. We were established in 2000 and currently have over 500,000 members. We are the premier Asian & International dating site. We are the only site that offers real time multi language mail & chat translation services to our members in helping bridge cultures and overcoming language barriers. We offer $0.50 for every user you send who signs up for a FREE membership., Inc. - Internet Marketing Company, offers the best deals and the best possible Internet services to its members. We reward our members for taking part in the excellent and unique offers of our partners. Our Members earn Real Cash doing what they like to do! Sign up for our free unique offers, visit great sites, read e-mails, shop online, and more... And then they will get Cash Rewards! Join to our affiliate program and get paid $1.00 for each new registered US or Canada member! Our program is totally free for our members! New member need to complete the short form and then confirm registration. So, we pay $0.325 for each US or Canada free & easy lead. Sign up and enjoy our great conversion rates!

With the popularity of sites like Youtube, video is taking control of the internet. Users with a community Profile, Blog or Web Page want to be able to add video to their web pages. To help make this as simple as possible, we have created $0.25 per free signup.

1 Cent per page view, and 25 cents per lead!

Get paid 6 cents for every subscriber to weekly newsletter. The newsletter features new affiliate programs on the market & tells of affiliates & affiliate programs success stories. Check out the affiliate prorams & networks at My 15 Best Performers.

With our program your traffic has three chances to earn you a commission. Our loans are based on several risk factors. The greater the risk, the less chance we have of getting paid on our loans. So, the greater the risk, the less we can pay out. However, each one of the users you send us, that fills out an application, has three chances of earning you a commission... at the first level (most risky) you get $2.00 for EACH application filled out. At the second level (medium risk) you get $3.00 for EACH application filled out. At the third level (least risky) you get $5.00 for EACH application filled out. So, sign up, use our static or flash banners, and drive traffic to our site. You WILL make money.

Welcome web developers, graphic artists, resellers, and anyone interested in earning revenue by referring new customers to WebsiteAlive!
Our new (launched October 2007), and improved affiliate system now offers:
* $0.125 per lead (just for signing up)

Win Free Candy Sweepstakes. $0.30 Many customers use our 2 minute online application. Our Lending Network offers customized, competitive home equity, second mortgage, and refinance rates on loans up to 125% of the appraised value of their home, and the potential to save hundreds of dollars a month by consolidating their credit card debt. Join today! Loan Amount MUST be over $70,000. $0.50 per lead.

FREE TRIAL: We're offering a free 14 day free trial of our services with no obligations and no credit card required. There are three free trials to choose from: YouSendIt Pro account for individuals, YouSendIt Business Plus for businesses, and YouSendIt Corporate Suite for enterprises. Target Audience: Only target US,Canadian, and Australian audience and only promote on websites based in these countries. $1.00 each

More RG Partnerships!

New today from our trusted RG Partners!

Win a free cruise...0.60 per valid email submittal. 1.50 per free profile. World's Best Personals for Adults. Join Today
Photo Verified Profiles
GEO - Targeted Landing Page & Search Gallery Page
Earn $1.125 per Lead

Meet Singles Right Now! Get Unlimited Monthly Chat. Earn $4.00 per acquisition.

Rediscover classmates, people, places and pop culture of your youth. Reconnect with the past and build friendships for the future. Earn $1.125 per lead